Gardening With Goo

Who is Gardening With Goo?

Hey my name is Corey “Goowatitdew” Paul but everybody calls me Goo. I’m a 35 year old father of 7 who found a new passion for gardening. I’m a Florida native so being out in the sun for countless hours is nothing new to me.

 My first passion is fishing. I could fish from sun up to sun down with no problem but once I started having children I became homebound a lot. So, I decided to find something to occupy my time at home.

Like a light bulb coming on I thought about gardening. I thought about those delicious collard greens my mother would cook on occasion and I decided to go to my local nursery and pick up a couple of collard green transplants. 

Once I got them to the house, I cleared some land for them and put them in the ground. My first harvest was small, but I was happy.

After my first harvest I began to do some research like watching YouTube videos, taking notes, reading books, and joining different gardening groups on Facebook to help me understand more about what really goes on under the soil. Now a couple of years in and my hobby is no longer a hobby it’s a passion.

What is your mission

My mission is to get people all over the world back to living off the land.

We all want nice lawns with curb appeal, but what if you turned your backyard into a food forest for your family that can be passed down for generations. Start small!

I read in a book

“A small neat garden is better than a big messy one”

and I applied that saying to my garden and I live by it. I want everyone around the world to be growing some food source of their own no matter if they are living in an apartment, home, townhouse etc.

Grow something that you and your family can enjoy. This year I want to influence everyone I come in contact with to put a seed in the ground.